Front Parking Sensors


Universal Front Parking Sensor Controller

Universal Front Parking Sensor Controller

The interface provides a cost effective, intelligent solution for the control of Front Parking Sensors from the vehicle CAN Bus. A 12v controlled output is generated by the interface and switched off while the vehicle speed is above approximately 6 MPH.
The interface enables OE style control of the front sensors by switching them off when the vehicle park brake is applied*. This avoids annoyance to the vehicle occupants from unnecessary tones emitting from the sensors when the vehicle is stationary close to a forward facing object.

PSPK1 is ideal for controlling dedicated front parking sensor systems that do not produce a ‘power on’ audible warning.

The PSPK1 Interface should be connected as below:

  • RED: Permanent 12v+
  • BLACK: Ground (0v)
  • PURPLE: 12V+ At speeds between 0 > 6 MPH Deactivated when the vehicle park brake is applied*

4 Eye Front Parking Sensor With Multiple Heads Angles Gloss

4 Eye Front Parking Sensors

    Key Features

  • LED Display PS64 – Interchangeable Interior trim covers (Black / Grey)
  • 4 Eye Front sensor kit – LED Display (Buzzer model optional)
  • 5 Meter sensor leads – extension leads available on request
  • Intelligent function for nudge bars, Electric winches
  • Mutable Angled heads 6° – 10° – 13°
  • Self-test function
  • Vehicle Colour Coded*
    Technical Specifications

  • Operating Voltage 12 / 24V DC
  • Operating Current 20 / 200Ma
  • Detection Range 0.2 / 1.5m*

Video Demonstration

[youtubegallery thumbwidth=300]